Brands Of Espresso Machines – How To Choose The Brand Suited For Your Needs

There are lots of brands of espresso machines in the market nowadays. It depends just on your budget, personal taste and preferences to choose from all offer the best appliance for your needs and wishes. Let’s assume that you have already searched for information about coffee makers in the net. It means that you have found data about the huge amount of really famous brand names to choose from. That is very embarrassing to find so many alternatives. However, that is always better to have many options than if you don’t have them.

Here you can find some of the most well-known brands in the market:

The Most Popular Brands Of Espresso Machines


The company was founded more than hundred years ago. This is the manufacturer of household appliances and portable heaters and air conditioners. Just company with the very good reputation and high-quality products can survive in the global market more than a century. You can find out more information about this manufacturer and reviews about a number of products in page DeLonghi espresso machines.


The company was founded in 1994. The company specializes in producing household appliances.


Cuisinart was founded in 1971 and it produces small kitchen appliances. At this moment it is leading brand in US and Canada.


History of Nespresso starts in 1976. The Company produces espresso makers and capsules for these machines. The company is trying to position brand Nespresso in the market of exclusive products. Nespresso coffee makers can use the only Nespresso produced capsules.


It is Italian manufacturer of espresso makers and electrical goods. The company was founded in 1981. Appliances of this manufacturer have a good reputation. However, the company was bought by Philips two years ago.


The Company was founded in 1947. Nowadays Gaggia company is the respectable member of the market. The company produces high-quality espresso and coffee machines and accessories. Find out more information about the manufacturer and reviews about several products in page Gaggia espresso machines.


Breville has founded almost hundred years ago in 1932 in Australia. Breville brand was created joining last names of two founders of the company. It is the manufacturer of small kitchen appliances. Nowadays brand name Breville is well known in all world.


The company is the manufacturer of kitchen appliances as well large variety household appliances with very solid history in the market. The company was founded in Germany and now well known in all world.

Mr. Coffee

The company is producing coffee and espresso makers, and iced tea makers. This manufacturer is more four decades in the market.

How To Choose The Best From All Brands Of Espresso Machines

Above mentioned manufacturers are just the most popular brands. There are many more in the market to choose from. Everyone from these manufacturers has a good reputation, positive and negative reviews about their products in various Internet resources and wide price range of their products. You can ask yourself, which one to choose from all these brands? Let’s try to answer this confusing question.

According to the Just Coffee Maker, when you make your decision about any of brand it is advisable to pay attention to several circumstances. First of all reviews about products are important. Nevertheless, reviews always will be both positive, and negative. Different people always have a different opinion, wishes, and preferences, what is normal. However, if positive reviews dominate in reviews that is a very good sign. Usually, people trouble themselves for writing reviews when they are unhappy about something. There are more opportunities that somebody will write about something bad than something good. If appliance works perfectly there is no need to worry about. But if appliance broke or don’t work well everybody will feel sorry or maybe even angry and wants to share this experience and warn others about it. It’s in human nature.

Secondly, you can take a look how long time the company act in the market. Fairly long experience in the market is quite an excellent mark.

To get more data and additional information about criteria to pay your attention when to choose your appliance for coffee making you can read more advises and suggestions on the page.

Nowadays almost all manufacturers of espresso makers produce all types of machines. Price of the machine could depend on brand name popularity, materials used in process of production and almost from its type. The most automated is equipment the most expensive it is. You can find out more information about division of equipment in the page about the most common Types of espresso machines.

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